Bruno is the Man of Steel. . .

…From all His Diving Medals this Year!


A little while ago we had an OFHS student on the diving team break a 40-year-old pool diving record! Yes, you read that correctly! 40 years!

His name is Bruno Carrillo. Bruno has had a passion for diving since he first started high school, and now look where he is! He has broken lots of records, and now he has the medals for them. His first idea that he would be good at diving is when he broke the Fresh/Soph 6 dive and 11 dive record.

Senior Bruno Carrillo said, “When I first started I really loved the sport. I wasn’t that good starting out but I put in a lot of work and it has paid off. My progression was slow at first but really took off this past summer with the different camps I went to. I had the biggest jump in skill in that time.”

Bruno’s theme this year, his senior year, is to break ALL the records.He broke the OFHS 6 dive pool record. Then we had an Oak Lawn meet on Senior Night, and he broke the OFHS 40 year-old pool record by 364 points (see the video!) Bruno also broke the Shepard 11 dive pool record a few days after that meet. He has broken the Eisenhower 6 dive pool record, and then an Argo 6 dive pool record. At the Swimming/Diving Conference, he broke a diving record with 583.25. He put in a lot of effort and hard work, and it totally paid off. Way to go, Bruno!

Bruno said, “I feel like I’ve been doing really good with my diving. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. From not having any experience to placing 10th in state last year. Now I’m much better than I was then and I’m hoping for the best at state.”

One of Bruno’s Coaches, Coach DaLuga, reflected on his growth as a diver over his four years of high school. DaLuga said,“Bruno has grown tremendously from freshman year to senior [year.] Coming in with no diving experience, Bruno has put in the work to improve their dives and up the degree of difficulty to make them a state champion contender. Bruno has shown that hard work and dedication can really pay off in the long run.”

Congratulations Bruno, and we hope to see you rise to fame, and progress more and more!