The Era of Wildfires

The Era of Wildfires

November 14, 2019

Archaeologists discover a 5,000 year old City: En Esur

Sarah Abdulwahid, School Features Editor

October 9, 2019

Most of the time, construction workers do not expect to find 5,000 year old ancient remains on the job, but for Northern Israeli construction workers, this scenario is quite possible. On October 6, in northern Israel, public workers...

New Security System

Keith Willis

October 9, 2019

As a new school year gets underway, Oak Forest has upgraded its security system, turning to a business known as Prudential Security to ensure everyone's safety. The new system comes with many changes such as a new bell sound,...

The Downfall Of Humanity

Sarah Aguilar, Global Features Editor

September 30, 2019

In light of Hurricane Dorian's recent appearance, or lack thereof, in the United States, there are many discussions of the light damage left when there are large hurricanes.  Parts of the U.S coast were scraped, and areas of  South Caroli...