“Mind In The Shutter” Review:

The long awaited second installment of the Running for Eons album

Mind in the Shutter

Jade Roth, Assistant Entertainment Editor

“ Simple. I dialed M for moron!”

     Running for Eons is one giant fest of internet references, and “Mind In The Shutter” is no different from this. “Mind In The Shutter” is the second installment in the Running for Eons album. The song was put together by Cryptanark, and posted by the official Vast Error Music Team. It was uploaded on April 2, 2018.

     “Mind In The Shutter” may have been made by a different artist, but that artist sure knew how to capture the vibe the previous installment gave. “Deep Sea Trouble” was comedic relief; and “Mind In The Shutter” feels like a book. There is the beginning, the rising action, the conflict, and then they fall back into easiness if that easiness was fast-paced chaos wrapped up in a bunch of Simpson’s quotes.

     “Mind In The Shutter” is the most chaotic song in Running for Eons. Even when it slows down, it’s still energetic. “Deep Sea Trouble” may have comedy as its main component, but “Mind In The Shutter” has the duel knuckles of pure chaos and unadulterated energy. Just like “Deep Sea Trouble”, there’s no clear lyrics, but it is instead, once again, comprised of many leitmotifs and references from around the internet. If you checked out the first song in Running for Eons, you’ll be sure to enjoy “Mind In The Shutter”.

     In conclusion, let’s go over “Mind In The Shutter”. It is the second song in the album Running for Eons, and while it shares some stylistic choices to “Deep Sea Trouble”, it is still it’s own song and is a highly suggested listen.