Trunk or Treat Brings Fun to the Community

Emma Schifferl, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Happy belated Halloween, Bengals! The Bengals had a fun-filled Saturday Halloween weekend as we hosted Trunk or Treat! The community saw hard-working Bengals handing out candy, playing games, and helping with arts and crafts. Bengals and the community alike were dressed in their best Halloween attire as their Saturday was filled with sugar and giggles. Many of the clubs at Oak Forest were in attendance, including Science Club, Art Club, DECA, and theĀ Vedas and KAMA!

The Vedas and Kama helped kids decorate Halloween candy bags. Children were able to create the spookiest bags with markers, stickers, and good old imagination. You can see some photos of the bags that children created below.

From everyone at Vedas and Kama, we hope that everyone had a fantastic and safe Halloween!