Juliana Krilich Is a Published AUTHOR!!!

Louis De Nennie

Cheryl Harris-Sumida, Assistant Adviser

Next year, when we are walking through the hallowed halls of OFHS together once again, you may be walking next to someone that you have NO IDEA is a PUBLISHED author! This year, Junior Juliana Krilich, got a poem published in the online magazine called TeenInk.com. How cool is that?

It all started in Mrs. Schanz’s American Literature class. She wrote a poem as an assignment and after several discussions about writing and publishing, she followed through on Mrs. Schanz’s suggestion and submitted it for publication. Look at how follow through and dedication pays off in sheer success!

The poem Juliana wrote is called “My Girl” and it talks about the sweet relationship between the narrator and her grandmother, even interweaving song lyrics from the 1964 Temptations song of the same title. Juliana dedicated the poem to her grandmother, saying that “this poem I wrote for her is my way of saying thank you; for all the memories I will now treasure forever (TeenInk.com).”

You could publish your work on TeenInk.com too! TeenInk.com is an online magazine that specializes in publishing work by teenagers aged 13-19. They say they are “devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos, and forums. For over 31 years, Teen Ink has offered teens the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on issues that affect their lives – everything from love and family to school, current events, and self-esteem. Hundreds of thousands of students, aged 13 -19, have submitted their work to us and we have published more than 55,000 teens since 1989 (TeenInk.com).”

After reading all about this, you probably want to read her poem in its published state, right? I’ll bet you do!  I know I do!  So here is “My Girl” in all of its glory on the TeenInk.com website: bit.ly/OFpoetJK.

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