Go to Sleep House: The story of Jordan Underneath

Jade Roth, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Jordan Walker (otherwise known by his alias, Jordan Underneath), is the maker of a channel currently named “Go to Sleep House.” Jordan Underneath started his tale on the internet with a DeviantART account named The-Dirt. He would upload traditional images of black and white drawings he has made, but since then, DeviantART has been abandoned.

Jordan started with uploading original music, which then turned into video game reviews. His game reviews often included some dark comedy; Jordan is trapped in his basement, literally battling the personification of Depression, and all sorts of weird hijinks take place. His reviews reflected his personality, too. Jordan looks into games like Ib, Dreaming Mary, IMSCARED, and even Silent Hill, which are all renowned horror games that contain abstract imagery and symbolism. His channel gathered a cult following of quite a few people, who would regularly tune in to what he had to say.

However, as of not-so-recently, Jordan has switched his focus. Instead of uploading morbid humor and enjoyable game reviews, he has started to upload videos that seem rather . . . odd. One of the most notable portions of this new Jordan era is the video entitled This is My House and a playlist labeled Empty Boy

In this new era, Jordan is no longer playing himself as a character in his videos. He instead sits on the sidelines. His sense of humor is the same but expresses itself in new ways that it couldn’t before with his old presentations. This is part of why this change happened. But another reason is that this is what Jordan always wanted to do, and by making a change to, it instead of just starting this way, he ensured an audience to his channel.

For now, Go to Sleep House is still growing in its mystery. It is now currently a group project among select artists and will hopefully continue its macabre path and unravel the story that Jordan has in store for us.