Freshman Learning Center Puts Students First


Jade Roth, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The Freshman Learning Center (also known as the FLC) is the room in which freshmen spend half of their lunch period, working on any assignments or homework that they have not finished.

While they are there, students can work on something and also get the assistance of a teacher if needed. It is rather nice to finally be able to get help on that one question that you could not figure out, and it is very nice to be able to complete it.

Of course, playing games is usually not allowed in a classroom, but if you have finished your work, or you plan to do the homework at home, you may be allowed to play a game to pass the time.

I interviewed Mrs. Goodfellow and Mrs. Trunk about their views on the FLC. They believe that it is a great thing for the school. Years ago, before the FLC existed, math and science teachers would sit in the lunchroom. Groups of students would crowd around them, and they did not always get the help that they needed. That was about eight years ago; nowadays, students have FLC time to get their work done.

Do students feel the same way as the adults? I interviewed freshman Abbigail Pesola how she felt about FLC. She replied, “I like it.” Other students agree with this statement and think that FLC is a positive development for freshman students. One thing is for sure: FLC has become a mainstay of Oak Forest High School.