Students (Around the World) on Strike


Alexa Estrada, Opinion Editor

A wave of students and activists have taken on a new goal as they go on strike through city streets, demanding attention for their cause. These protesters are looking for acknowledgement and attention from global leaders. They are also looking for those leaders to take initiative. Activists feel that international leaders do not care about our effect on the environment and how it is leading to rapid climate change. Protesters also believe that we are leaving a carbon footprint that has already begun to destroy our planet.

Many people joining the strike have seen the effects that climate change has brought firsthand, and they are fighting against the thoughtless way that we currently treat planet Earth. The cause is growing quite rapidly, as more and more people start to realize how pollution affects their lives. Thousands of students, most famously Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish activist, have taken the initiative to start a new movement that is sure to get the attention of international leaders and corporations.