Ecosia Versus Google

Sarah Aguilar, Global Features Editor

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It’s no surprise that almost half of the internet uses Google as its main search engine. It’s fast, incredibly efficient, and, frankly, the default search engine for years now. But what many don’t know is the new and arguably better alternative to Google, Ecosia. It is a free search engine, just like Google. The only difference is that Ecosia’s main purpose is to plant trees. With the money made from ad revenue, Ecosia donates that money to be able to plant trees. 

As stated on Ecosias’ own website “Ecosia’s CEO, Christian Kroll, even added a legally binding commitment to ensure Ecosia’s profits stay within the company and will eventually be invested or used for tree planting.” This further proves that Ecosia’s intentions are honorable in their purpose, focused solely on the well being of the planet. The company is doing its part, no matter the scale, to guarantee the planet’s survival and progression.

While many people scoff at the idea of switching search engines for the sole reason of planting trees, this is a rather important and seemingly easy way to help the planet. The Ecosia website states, “Every search with Ecosia actually removes about 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. This means that, if Ecosia were as big as Google, it could absorb 15% of all global CO2 emissions.” This further proves that with the simple act of switching to Ecosia, there is the possibility of reversing the damage already done to the atmosphere of the earth. It could even save the planet for future generations.