Oak Forest Goes International

Alexa Estrada, Opinion Editor

At Oak Forest, we celebrate diversity and the unity of different global cultures. We believe that the more we know about different people and traditions around the world, the better educated we become. At International Club, this is precisely what occurs. International Club explores different languages, cuisine, customs, and other cultural aspects of distinct countries, and there is a great load of fun involved. But what good is knowledge if we do not share it?

Every year, the club sets up an informative and entertaining presentation and activity day designated to fit with Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) celebrations around the world but primarily in Mexico. The event usually takes place on November 1, during foreign language periods. The club members are already working on planning the day’s celebration. I spoke with Kyla Davis, Oak Forest student and International Club member for two years now. She said, “The number of members has gotten way better, especially with the underclassmen. When I started, three freshmen were involved, and every year it has grown and people bring friends back because of the great presentations we put on a couple times a year that we work really hard on. It shows the more help we get the better they turn out to be.” I also got a chance to chat with Isaac Cardenas, also a two-year member of the club, and he said, “I think it’s cool that we can learn the cultures of different places, such as food or even dances!”

Our International Club at Oak Forest has plans to keep growing and improving, so be sure to participate in their upcoming Day of the Dead celebration.