Hurricane Dorian’s Devastation


Alexa Estrada, Writer

The breathtakingly beautiful islands of the Bahamas have been struck with devastation by a fierce, destructive beast. Hurricane Dorian, which has now had a major impact on Florida and the Bahamas, is regaining its strength as it reaches the Carolinas. This massive hurricane began as a tropical wave in the Central Atlantic on August 24, 2019, and has grown to be a colossal oceanic monster.

Not only is the damage done to communities and the environment massive, but the economy of the Bahamas in particular is already starting to suffer tremendously. The Bahamas are a series of islands in the Caribbean that depend greatly on tourism, which keeps it growing at a healthy rate. Dorian has decreased tourism to these islands and will continue to do so until they are rebuilt to their fullest potential and can support the industry. The process may take years or perhaps even decades. Poverty will likely increase because of the unstable economy and devastating conditions after Dorian. Thankfully, many national as well as local organizations are starting fundraisers and bringing awareness to the issue, so citizens of the world will hopefully do their part and donate, as well as spread the word that the Caribbean islands and our very own Atlantic coastal areas are in need.