A Helpful New Face in Guidance


Keith willis, Contributed

A new school year comes with many new experiences and new staff like the new guidance secretary Mrs. Macke. Through an interview with her, I got a look into her former job and her thoughts toward her new job. Before starting her journey at Oak Forest, Mrs. Macke served as a meeting manager for 30 years at a business known as Path to Purchase. She now helps all OFHS students with questions about their schedules, their lockers, and setting up times to meet with their counselors. She also assists new transfer students as they become Oak Forest Bengals. I asked Mrs.Macke how she felt about her new job as a guidance secretary and her new coworkers, to which she said, “I really love this job and I love helping all the students that stop by.” She also said, ”I really like how everyone has been so welcoming, friendly, and kind to me since I started working at Oak Forest.”

Bengals, don’t be strangers; stop by guidance and say hello to Mrs. Macke.