Math Tutoring Services at OFHS

Yosra Abdulwahid, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Attention, Bengals! Is math class stressing you out? Is finals week worrying you? No need to stress–OFHS has a variety of resources available to help you succeed in any math course. Mr. Moroz, the beloved math tutor who is located in the BAC, has a few words of advice for students who need extra math assistance. Mr. Moroz has experience teaching every math class at every level in our school. He says that one of his favorite parts about being a math tutor is helping students get caught up in math class when they have been absent for a few days. However, Mr. Moroz admits that the most satisfying part of his job is watching students not only complete their homework assignments but also learn the material while appreciating the mathematical operations behind the problems they are solving. Mr. Moroz is always willing to help a student one-on-one whenever math help is needed. Stop by the BAC during your lunch hour for math help today!