Fresh Perspectives

Simone Pedroza, Contributing Writer

Coming to a new school and making new friends–it should be easy, right? Most might not find it challenging because high school is new to every freshman. I totally agree, but when you don’t know anyone, you feel lonelier than ever before. If you don’t fit in, it’s not so great. Thanks to group assignments, I have managed to open up and talk to people. The thing about this school is everyone has seen these familiar faces or has even known others for many years. This past month has been stressful and exciting. The first week was figuring out how to find my classes and get my locker open. I got frustrated and wanted to give up before the second week even started. It was pretty great that the first few days were nothing but tests and no homework. New people, on the other hand–that’s something I didn’t think would be so difficult, but it really is, and so far having one good friend here is good enough. The idea that everything would change and that I’d be lonely forever is no longer at the top of my head.

One thing that is also a concern is grades. So far I’ve been doing quite well in my classes. Group/partner projects were always my fear when I arrived, since knowing absolutely no one was dreadful, so being your own partner seemed more fitting for the situation. Getting to my classes was the best success so far. I have accidentally gone down the “wrong” hallway but actually ended up in the right place. Although there have been many pre-assessments that are still tests, and the thought of not doing well and having to get a better score on the next one is kind of exhausting, trying your best is still a good idea. Seeing where you might need help is better than sitting in class and not understanding anything at all. Most teachers said that it would be confusing, but it’s really not.

High school has been quite a journey, withs its ups and downs, so far, but keeping the mood positive is the best way to go.