Me, Myself, and iPhones

Sarah Aguilar, Contributing Writer

As the years go on, and technology continues to develop rapidly, we get to experience a huge release: Apple’s newest iPhone. The latest model, the iPhone XR, is set to be released later this October, as the company adds last-minute tweaks and features to its device.

Apple has improved many of the features of the iPhone, adding a higher-quality camera, better face recognition, and wireless-charging capabilities. Wireless charging is one of the most-anticipated features of the iPhone. What is it, exactly? Wireless charging is a way to charge your phone without needing any wires or cords. It is still a somewhat novel feature and one that many phone companies have been trying to perfect for years. Apple will probably succeed in making it the norm. In addition, Siri also be able to answer questions more quickly and give more descriptive responses. As for the appearance of the phone itself, the frame is now entirely made of stainless steel, giving it a hint of luxury. Another impressive feature many people look forward to is the improvement of Animoji, a feature that scans your face and allows for your very own emoji to show up.

Apple has been known to set the industry standards for its competitors, and with the releases of the new phone, we can only imagine how others will attempt to compete. The future is most definitely here and now with these new and innovative iPhones, but while they may be appealing, the prices are not. A “cheaper” model rings in at $800 and only increases to $1,000 based on which phone you decide to buy. It’s fair to say that if money is no object, the new iPhone is a great experience, but if you don’t have $800 laying around, you’ll have to think about it and save up.