Another Incredible Homecoming Week

Nicholas Sweis, Sports Editor

This year’s Homecoming has already been a blast for OFHS students. The week has already looked a little something like this:


  • Monday: JERSEY DAY: Students wore a Jersey from their favorite team/player! The Student Class Challenge was a QR CODE HUNT using 5Star.


  • Tuesday: COUNTRY CLUB vs. COUNTRY: Students dressed up in bow ties or camouflage! The Student Class Challenge was a BATTLE FOR THE BEADS where students got to challenge their teachers for beads.


  • The varsity girls’ swim/dive team and varsity girls’ tennis team had their home meets at 4:30 pm, whereas the varsity boys’ soccer team had its home game at 6:00 pm against Oak Lawn. The soccer game went to support those with childhood cancer. It also included activities such as raffles, bake sales, basket auctions, halftime entertainment, Dave’s dart game, and more. Students came to cheer on their fellow Bengals.


Part II – Update

On Wednesday, Students of Oak Forest got to dress up like proud patriots of the United States of America. Oak Forest High School was filled with red, white, and blue as students looked awesome in their patriotic colors. The class challenge was held after school; students got to decorate the class halls for Homecoming. People were hyped about getting closer to rocking their dance moves on the dance floor on Saturday. There were no home meets that night.

For Thursday, students made Oak Forest High School look like it was the Class of 1957 reunion night, as they got to dress up like their grandparents. Students made Grandparents Day look real as they had canes and walkers. The student class challenge was where students had to find mini footballs all over the school. Students looked like detectives as well as extreme former graduates of Oak Forest High School. That night we had a varsity boys’ soccer game against Lemont. We won, of course. It was a score of 1-0.

On Friday, there was going to be a Homecoming parade followed by an assembly with many festivities, but circumstances in the community kept the proceedings indoors. The Class of 2023 dressed up in pink, the Class of 2024 wore blue, the Class of 2025 donned purple, and the Class of 2026 was clad in green. The teachers wore Bengal gear. Whichever class had most people dressed up in its colors won. The student class challenge was to take selfies of you and your friends in your class colors. Near the end, classes got dismissed early so that we could attend an assembly with many activities and competitions. Mr. Boniface also announced the winners who competed in the activities and dress ups for each day. Later that night, the varsity football team went against Eisenhower High School, winning 34-25.