Just Another Boring (Actually, Crazy) Week in Politics

Emma Schifferl, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

While it may come as a surprise to no one, politics haven’t exactly been quiet this week. World leaders are trying to talk countries out of invading their neighbors (Russia has been threatening Ukraine), while former president Donald Trump is fighting the release of records (from the days leading up to last year’s January 6 insurrection). COVID-19 has been out of the spotlight for too long, but once again it demands the world’s attention, which is causing even more distress in the political sphere.

With the added tension between Russia and Ukraine, the world has begun to bite its fingernails. The tension comes from a border dispute between the two countries. President Biden has stepped in as the middle man, hoping to resolve the growing tension between the two countries, but attempts seem futile, as troops deploy and the U.S. embassy in Ukraine begins to thin out its staff numbers.

On this side of the globe, America is still facing the effects of January 6, as trials occur, and reports and subpoenas go out. The Supreme Court has also allowed former President Trump’s records about actions prior to January 6 to be released. Meanwhile, more reports about the lack of voter fraud have been published. Trump, his supporters, and current and former team members are still pushing baseless election fraud claims, still calling new investigations, hoping to find a crumb of information to support their claims, but so far they’ve been unsuccessful.

COVID-19 is still in the world news spotlight as new variants arise, some more contagious (and potentially more deadly), and because of this, COVID may reintroduce itself to the immune system of nearly every human being on the planet. Vaccine rollouts are still going strong, as well as options for testing, but many are upset with the way the pandemic is being handled; some feel that regulations are too lax, while others find them too restrictive. The CDC has stated that the quarantine time has decreased even further, making anti-vaxx and anti-restriction people happy, while others find the decrease in days both concerning and frustrating.

At times like this, it seems that a mere straw might finally break the camel’s back. Tensions are running high in so many different circles of opinions, it’s beginning to look like geometry class. The newsrooms, however, thrive on these developments. It’s rather unfortunate that I have so much news for everyone to read these days, but the stories will surely continue to evolve, so we haven’t heard the last of them.