Soccer Finishes a Solid Season, Bids Farewell to Seniors

Hardi Soni, Features Editor

October 20 was the end of another solid year for the boy’s soccer team. It ended the season with 11 wins. The team bounced back pretty well after the coronavirus scare. I spoke to some of the fantastic athletes who talked about playing this year.

Team captain Gavin Collery plays the position of a center back. Collery described this season as fun and complete. He was also happy about the pre-season summer league. Collery started playing soccer at the early age of 5. He was also doing Crestwood league and travel soccer. He also said Coach Byrne gave him the discipline and the attitude he needed to achieve more goals in soccer. Although he was quite disappointed about not qualifying for Sectionals, he says he will continue to play soccer.

Oluwaseun Ariyo, another fantastic senior, said that his father was a goalkeeper for a soccer team and inspired him to play soccer. He played forward because he wanted to be a top goal scorer. He also worked on his endurance because running for 90 minutes is quite challenging for him because he has asthma. Then there is Ryan Pryzbylski, who is the goalkeeper for the varsity soccer team and says that he loves the rush of saving the game, which is why he is a goalkeeper. He also said he worked on his diving technique this season and would love to pursue soccer in the future.

Along with these players, there is also an amazing winger, Matthew Zozobrado. He plays winger because he is really fast and crosses the ball well. He wants to work on his endurance.

The team made a huge impact by playing so well during this season. Thank you to our fantastic seniors who gave us such an amazing season. Those seniors include Oluwaseun Ariyo, Gavin Collery, Issa Deifallah, Cody Evans, and Luis Rosales. Newspaper wishes them best of luck in the future; may they continue to achieve their milestones.