The Cheer Team is No. 1!!!

Watch the Cheer routine that brought the State Championship home to OFHS!

Video by Christine DiVenti, Head Cheer Coach

Hardi Soni, Features Editor

Our cheerleading team recently won the IHSA Cheer State Championships for the second time in OFHS history!

The Vedas Staffers would like to congratulate the cheer program and their terrific coaching staff. It is amazing to see even in this hard time the cheer team still gives its best. For our school, it is amazing since it is the 9th state cheer program trophy since 2009.  It is also the 2nd state championship in program history and the 4th state championship in school history.

I talked to the fantastic Head Coach Christine DiVenti, and she said, “We were so excited and thrilled to win the state championship in the medium varsity division.” She also said, “The team always strives for excellence and giving their very best effort. Which is absolutely fabulous even just their ideas show us about their determination.”

Christine DiVenti, Head Cheer Coach

She said that the virtual tournaments were so different from ones held in real time because in real time there was usually a routine out on the floor and whatever happens–good or bad–is left there on the floor. But this year, in the virtual format, they recorded the video and she said “ we were recording and we could record over and there is no such thing as perfection but they [would] try and to reach it.”

Coach DiVenti said that the varsity cheerleaders kept their faith. The Pandemic added onto their stressload but that did not stop them from being fantastic!

The Vedas Staffers wish them the best and congratulate them for being absolutely amazing. Feel free to leave them comments below and let them know how great you think their accomplishment is!