Autumn Kleber, Contributor

We’re at my grandma’s house and spongebob is softly on in the background

My siblings on the couch around me sleeping—the way it was before they moved.

The same siblings who had to say goodbye to grandma with me. Remember the time they said

When after every sleepover you would wake up to spongebob on the tv, with the smell of pancakes in the air. The cats sitting on the half wall peaking over at us curiously. When she would laugh it was so contagious even if we were tired from staying up all night.

We all sit there and reminisce.

The song “Tin Man” from the trips to and from her house to visit her.

Every time you’re feeling empty

Better thank your lucky stars

If you ever felt one breaking

You’d never want a heart

My sisters and i listening to the song in silence, yet all connected by our pain. We haven’t listened to it since but i can still hear it if i listen close enough.

Take it from me, darling

You don’t want a heart

As we leave from her house the last time the song filling the air. Putting feelings to words, but speaking none. Letting all the memories fill our minds.