O My Father

Hardi Soni, Contributor

O My father

My father is a ray of happiness.

He is the first ray of sunlight that gives you warmth.

He covers all my mistakes like does to the stars.

He acts like a shield and protects me from dangers.

He provides me comfort like a blanket in the cold.

He is that candle that sheds its wax for this little candle.

He has sleepless nights when I am stressed.

And why is that you ask because no matter how old I get I will always be his little princess.

But sometimes I don’t appreciate the sunlight

Or I ignore his shedded candle.

And I make him downhearted.

And I suppose so do you sometimes.

But always know that no man can ever love you, care for you, support you, and sacrifice their entire lives for you like your father.

So I want to say sorry for every time I have hunted you, argued with you,and ignored you.

So father without your wisdom and guidance, I ‘d be lost,

So thank you so much daddy for everything.