Local Singing Talent Encourages Big Dreams

Skyshea Rainey, Staff Writer

Skylynn Grayer is about to be 14, but as an experienced gospel and R&B singer, she is no stranger to the public stage. In 2012, when she was five years old, she appeared in a video on YouTube, singing “This Is the Day.” It received quite a few views, and, as she posted more videos of her singing, she got the opportunity to perform on TV for the first time. She appeared, at the age of 9, on NBC’s Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey. Grayer had the opportunity to meet Oak Forest’s mayor at the time, Hank Kuspa, and the city council presented her with a proclamation in honor of her appearance on the show with Steve Harvey.

Credit: YouTube, from the channel of Dontae Barnes

Grayer grew up in church and had an early talent for singing, but she does have other interests as well. She tells me that when she graduates, she would like to study to become a professional cosmetologist. Her mother, who is a cosmetologist and make-up artist, inspired her choice of professions.

Skylynn Grayer is a friend of mine, and my favorite quotation that she has shared with me is “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, and let your actions speak louder than your words.” When I asked her what it means, she said, “We all have fears in life, and these fears can’t stop us from achieving our goals.” It’s an inspired way of thinking and living.

Credit: Skylynn Grayer