The Record Speaks for Itself: The Story of Bruno Carrillo


Mackenzie Evans, Staff Writer

Even with the presence of COVID-19, it has still been possible for some low-contact sports to have a season this year. One of those sports, diving, has been the highlight for Bruno Carrillo, a junior who has a strong passion for the sport.

After seeing Olympic divers on TV for many years, and with the support from his friends and family, Bruno’s diving career took off. He mentioned that going from little to no experience in the sport to continual progress meet after meet is what keeps him motivated.

His teammates, he said, play a major part as they create a great environment to foster a love for the sport.

Bruno holds most of the diving records at Oak Forest High School, including a recently broken 35-year old record. At a February 4 meet, he broke the previous record of 274 (set in 1986) with an amazing 287.35.

When I asked him how he felt about it, he replied, “It’s a little crazy, but I still know I can and will do better. I was initially shocked but realized I had put in the work and I should be happy about it.”

He was pleased with the results, but he said he’ll be the happiest once he sweeps the board and takes all the records. Bruno Carrillo is one to watch out for in the world of diving. As a school, we can’t wait for what Bruno has in store for us.