How My Name Makes Me Feel

Erin Leatherman, Contributor

Erin, peace and Ireland. A calm and poetic name. 

Short and simple yet deep and meaningful. A word so simple it can slip off the tongue in only two syllables but holds the entire island of Ireland on its 4 letters. I’ve been called Erin all my life my most except the people I hold closest to my heart. They give my name a new and loving meaning. My mom calls me Er Bear which brings me back to my childhood. My girlfriend calls me E which makes my heart glow and my stomach flutter. My step dad calls me E which I used to despise until I was able to find the true beauty in which that nickname holds. As one who has the family origin of Ireland, my name reminds me of family. With the remembrance of the Irish blood that flows within me during my birth, it reminds me of my heritage. It makes me feel powerful inside and out. It makes me feel calm and filled with serenity. When I hear my name being called, I don’t feel an annoyance like most might. I feel a sense of home and love.