Surfin’ Spotify (or Pandora, or Apple Music, or SoundCloud)

The abrupt entrance of COVID-19 has forced everyone to adapt to the new changes it has brought. Many people have had to purchase items that they never thought necessary to have. They have been downloading new apps and using resources that they had before in new and exciting ways. As with most businesses, the music industry has faced challenges given the current standing of COVID-19 in the world.  With artists using streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, and with a rising download rate, the music industry has seen new highs and lows in the midst of this pandemic.

Social distancing left a lot of people alone, their only company being their thoughts. This brought out a lot of negative emotions and allowed thoughts to swirl around in people’s heads. To comfort them, they often turn to music. This has allowed people to listen to new songs and discover new artists. With a plethora of songs at listeners’ fingertips, thanks to the newest technology, many artists have become more popular during the pandemic. People have also been more open to listening to different types of music. The pandemic has also allowed more genres to receive public exposure, including songs that discuss social issues and the current climate of the world. There have been more ‘indie’ songs and more experimental and underground music.

However, with more app-driven music, another part of industry has suffered. When it comes to music, we often associate early memories with singing songs in the car on the radio. Unfortunately, with fewer commutes, people aren’t listening to radio stations. Radio hosts aren’t getting as many listeners, and new music being played on the radio isn’t as popular–unless it also spreads on social media, and that means using streaming technology to listen.

Music can bring people happiness in times of stress and sadness. It allows them to escape and focus on the bass drop or the high note in a new song. For those three and a half minutes, you can simply vibe. Music conveys different messages and emotions to certain people, so it can be helpful in many different ways. In trying times such as these, it allows people to listen to things that take them away from the stress and worry that COVID-19 has brought the population.