Trump Makes Nomination to Supreme Court

Mackenzie Evans, Staff Writer

This year is one of the most powerful and influential political years yet. Filled with trials and tribulations on all levels, a vacant Supreme Court seat is the occasion for another battle. On September 18, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at 87 years old. Suffering from pancreatic cancer, she fought the illness bravely. Ginsburg served for 23 years, creating a name for herself and reputation. She is most notably credited for her strong belief in women’s rights, equality, and LQBTQ+ rights. But alas, the time has come for a new person to fill her role, and President Trump believes he has found the perfect person, Amy Coney Barrett.

This woman is all the talk in the media right now, and rightly so. Barrett is a 48-year-old woman married to her husband, Jesse. Together they have raised seven children, one with Down syndrome and two others adopted from Haiti. She is a devoted Catholic and a member of People of Praise, a tightly-knit community aiming for a deeper, more intense feeling of faith. Along with that she has a strong history of Republican viewpoints, meaning that the chances of the Court flipping to a decisive 6-3 conservative majority are high. Some conclude that this must be the reason why Trump nominated her so soon before the election. Many questions are still unanswered at this point, but there is one main point that needs to be addressed. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amy Coney Barrett were clearly not eye-to-eye on policies, and it is pretty evident. We will see how this unwraps in coming weeks, but for now it is a safe bet to say this will be one of the most powerful talking points in the upcoming weeks, especially leading up to the election.