Amazon’s New Security Camera Can Fly

Amazon's New Security Camera Can Fly

Credit: Amazon

Sarah Abdulwahid, Staff Writer

We’ve heard of drones, and security cameras, but have you ever heard of a drone-security-camera system? The Amazon-owned security system company, Ring, recently announced its new, high-tech drone-security system: the Always Home Cam. The $250 device flies to a permitted area when suspicious behavior is detected and automatically docks when not in use. Because of privacy concerns, at setup, users are asked to provide the drone with a given path of travel so that private areas in the user’s home are restricted. Sensor array technology is used to spatially detect the device’s given path of travel and recordings can be accessed through the Ring App.

Some have raised concerns regarding the drone’s ability to record conversations, to which Amazon responded that there are no microphones engineered into the device. Amazon thinks that users will like the fact that the device has loud, rotating motors during flight, making them aware when it is in use. Otherwise, the drone is docked with its camera located underneath. Although the device currently cannot audibly communicate with people, it is highly likely that the device will be able to in the near future, since it is part of the Alexa ecosystem. So for those who cannot go a single day without asking their best friend, Alexa, for music suggestions, there are more opportunities coming up very soon. At the moment, Amazon plans on releasing the product to the public in 2021.