The Coronavirus Crisis


Melissa Anguiano and Alexa Estrada

The coronavirus has become an actual threat to the everyday person, and not just some foreign disease. Those diagnosed are facing a quarantine, as authorities are fretful of how quickly it is spreading. It has spread from China to mainly Italy and the US. Even in our Chicagoland area, there have been multiple cases. Some schools, especially colleges, have been suspending classes, as those infected are very contagious. Cruises and foreign trips to places infected have been cancelled, causing much chaos among travelers. Those flights that do remain have become extremely inexpensive as very few people want to travel. The virus is becoming a more widespread, intimidating global crisis.

We went around the school and asked students of Oak Forest how they felt about coronavirus and its rapid spread to many countries, including the U.S. Here in Illinois there have been 25 confirmed cases in the Chicago area.

This is what some students and staff have said about the subject:

Isaac Cardenas: “It’s definitely scary to think about; I feel like the scariest part is that it came out of nowhere and it’s spreading so fast. It’s frustrating that all we can do is sit and wait.” 

Kyla Davis: “I don’t really care nor worry about it.”

Mrs. Bertrand: “I think that it is important to have emergency preparations just in case it becomes a pandemic, although more people do die from the influenza a year. I also think people should take sanitary precautions and take care of themselves by washing their hands constantly.”

Jade Roth: “I feel like it’ll be fine and blow over because many of us have sanitary precautions.”