The Incredible, Biodegradable Bag


Alexa Estrada, Opinions Editor

     Much of our earth has been negatively impacted by pollution and how irresponsibly we dispose of our waste. Thankfully, efforts have been made by many organizations and scientific groups to improve our sustainability. For example, a biodegradable plastic bag has been invented from a root called cassava. The biodegradable bags are made from cassava or yucca, a root vegetable grown mainly throughout Southeast Asia.

     The cassava bag decreases plastic bag usage and permits our bags to biodegrade in under a time span of five years, whether it is in water, dirt, or even submerged in garbage. They hold the same amount of weight and even more than plastic bags and can carry a large number of objects. The yucca root is not only an alternative to plastic, but is also a much healthier alternative to potatoes and starchy foods. It can be cooked, grilled, fried, etc., and is a part of many cultures’ lifestyle and daily diet.

     Be sure to check your local supermarket next time you grocery shop for this amazing biodegradable bag!