‘Smash Hit’ Lays Groundwork for Other Phone Games


Jade Roth, Assistant Entertainment Editor

     Even our digital phones and games had to change over time. Phone games nowadays are very similar. They follow the trend, but before the trend, what were games to follow?

     Smash Hit is one of the very first pioneer mobile games. It was alive during the time Minecraft was new to phones; when games like Plague Inc. were catching on slower than the common cold. Smash Hit is like the ancestor of games, someone to take advice from to make yourself new.

     Smash Hit is a game in which you start out in a tutorial level. Each new trial or play through will have this tutorial. It doesn’t tell you any exposition, or story. It just tells that you need to throw marble-like balls at glass, and get as far as you can into the game. You get more marbles, by breaking specific glass types. If you don’t deal with an obstacle in your way, and it hits you, you lose ten marbles. It seems so simple, but as the levels progress, everything takes a turn for the difficult and hard.

    Smash Hit has twelve levels, each with different and changing challenges, which require new approaches to the game. I highly recommend playing it, as it requires no data or WiFi to play, and it is a game for all ages, and for all skill types.