A New Addition to the Bengal Nation

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The beginning of the school year means a fresh start, and what better to start off a new school year than with new teachers! Oak Forest High School was lucky enough to receive two new math teachers, Ms. Baio and Ms. DiVenti. Often times, students don’t know what their teachers lives consist of outside of school, so I conducted a mini interview with Ms. Baio and Ms. DiVenti for their students to get to know more about them, outside of the academic environment. The following questions were asked to our new staff members:

What’s one thing your students don’t know about you?

Baio: One thing my students don’t know about me is that I LOVE elephants !!!!
DiVenti: I love to listen to all kinds of music, except for country.

What are some of your hobbies outside of school?
B: Some of my hobbies are finding different state parks to hike at, spending time with family, and going to Cubs games.
D: Attending White Sox games, going to the movies, and coaching cheerleading.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?
B: I have not traveled much, but so far my favorite place has been Colorado. My dream is to travel to Thailand and Africa.
D: Disney World!

Do you have any pets?
B: I have one dog; her name is Starlin. She is named after Starlin Castro, an ex-Cubs player.
D: I don’t have any pets.

Hopefully, students are able to learn more about their new teachers throughout the course of the school year. The Bengal Nation would like to give a warm welcome to these new math teachers, and we hope that students reach great milestones this school year!