A Letter from the Editors

Yosra Abdulwahid and Reneen Allan

Dear Readers:


Every year is a chance for new beginnings, and this school year has been off to an amazing start. For one, Oak Forest High School is receiving a new addition—our very own field house! This building will be the result of the construction that many of you have seen in person or on flat-screen TVs around the school. Ultimately, the new wing will be fully equipped with an extended weight room, new courts for multiple sports, and a full running track for our Track & Field team.

Another addition is the Oak Forest Vedas website. The Vedas is now online at www.ofhsvedas.com, so you can access it anytime, anywhere, and right from your phone or iPad! Now we can share more features, news, editorials, and pictures from your favorite events—and do so more frequently.

We also have a new Co-Editor in Chief, senior Reneen Allan. She is looking forward to the challenges ahead. We hope that every Bengal makes this year the best one yet. The Vedas wish you an amazing and fun-filled year!


Your Editors,

Yosra Abdulwahid

& Reneen Allan